Incredibly Reliable

We have pricing agreements with US and international carriers which enable us to pass the discounts to you. Take advantage of our pricing structures TODAY.

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FullDistributors works closely with several business allies in the Parcel, Delivery and Distribution Service Industry in the United States, which permits us to reduce costs by expanding our delivery network to include all kind of transport.

High Volume Discounts

Our Shipping Solutions Team will recommend the best way to ship your  merchandise by truck, train, sea or air, solutions that will balance your urgency and your budget and will help you receive High Discounts even when you do not ship great volumes.

Innovation in the shipping industry

We can use single or multiple large vans to pick up your small shipments, or arrange for your shipment to share space with other smaller loads in an aircraft, train or truck, which will result in savings for you.

For larger or more critical shipments, FullDistributors will coordinate domestic and international delivery demands thru shipping and logistic partners.

And, you will be able to monitor your shipments thru our tracking technology which keeps you informed every step of the way.

Shipping wherever needed

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Our seaport of choice, Port Everglades in South Florida, exceeds to manage one million cargo containers a year.

Means of Transport

Sea Cargo 75%
Trucks 95%
Airplanes 85%
Vans 80%
Trains 60%
Smaller Vehicles 50%