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We specialize in magazines, newspapers, books, Care Packages, Sampling, Co-packing and provide a very unique and effective packaging and delivery innovations.

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FullDistributors offers a full line of fulfillment services, which consists of storing, gathering, packaging and distributing printed materials. These support services could include taking requests for brochures, assembling packets of information, and pulling and packaging products or samples, among other tasks. Some businesses use fulfillment for promotional purposes, such as distributing catalogs, brochures or coupons.

Our fulfillment department currently ships over 5,000 packages per month.  Fulfillment packages are produced to each client’s exact specifications.




The symbol boxes in the warehouse

Symbols in boxes in the warehouse

List of Fulfillment Services

One or a combination of these ongoing tasks could be part of the fulfillment service we provide you:

  • Package Assembly
  • Gift Premium Fulfillment
  • Membership Confirmations
  • Continuity Program Fulfillment
  • Custom packaging
  • Poly bag inserting
  • Metering and/or sealing of envelopes
  • Applying “live” stamps
  • Customized Reporting
  • Inventory Control
  • Warehousing
  • Order Picking/Shipping
  • Preparation of required USPS paperwork
  • Delivery to the USPS facility