Email Verification

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Increase you email campaign performance by sending to correct addresses. We verify format, user validity and spelling errors.

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FullDistributors Email List Manager cleans your email database from incorrect email addresses. It is important to clean your mailing list and remove undeliverable emails because a lot of mail servers block a sender’s email domain for repeatedly sending messages to non-existing email addresses.

How it works?

With our email verification tool we connect to the address’ mail server to check if it exists or not. We also verify:

  • valid format
  • valid domain
  • valid user
  • spelling and syntax errors


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Are the results accurate?

FullDistributors Email List Manager has a very good success rate especially with free email ISPs such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail and others in these category. The level of accuracy from private email servers depends in their inbound SMTP policy, their incoming connecting IPs protocol and other factors that are beyond our control. Sometimes these mail servers would not let us have access. In those cases, instead of an invalid notification, you will get an “Unknown” report for those addresses coming from non-cooperating servers.


Do you have a database privacy policy?

The answer is Yes. We respect all our clients’ privacy, and do our best to protect the data used by our verification tool. All data is processed in our premises and with our own servers. Nevertheless, we cannot assure the complete security of your data once it goes to the mail servers for verification processes because once there, is bound by the mail server provider’s privacy policies. FullDistributors do not sell, sublicense, loan, adapt, transfer or copy database mailing list to any second or third party without the previous written authorization from the client.


Are there any requisites?

We will only accept a clients’ own opt-in email lists, that they have generated by normal methods of data compilation. We will NOT verify email lists extracted from the Internet or generated using automatic random email addresses tools.

Most Common Errors

Spelling Errors 95%
Invalid Format 85%
Invalid User 60%
Invalid Domain 50%