Database Management

Dependable Addresses

Mailing records must be accurate, so we receive, extract, clean and convert the data to ensure consistency with USPS standards.

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Data Management

We are experts in USPS Postal Addressing Standards – which is an uniform method used by the US Postal Service to match addresses and process and deliver mail. If your mailing list do not follow those USPS Standards, you will get a lot of undeliverables. In other words:

Your letters will be return to you! 

To avoid this unpleasant situation and to facilitate and optimize your direct mail capabilities, FullDistributors check your address list for:

  • spelling errors
  • wrong addresses format
  • zip code improper allocation
  • dupcheck or duplication, when an address appears more than once.


Mailing Lists more relevant than ever

The Universal Postal Union last Statistics Report estimated that 339.8 billion letters were posted worldwide in 2013.


Company Name




Phone number

Number of addresses that need correction:

Your information is for internal use. It will not be shared.

Key Benefits

As our client, you will benefit from an improved addresses lists by:

  • increasing your mail campaign potential to be delivered by the USPS
  • once clean, your mailing list is stored in customer files and directories, making it easier to keep the addresses correct for future mailings.
  • your mailing list will follow the USPS standards which will make your business eligible to take advantage of postage discounts.



Data Entry

Your company probably works actively to increase the number of leads in your client’s list with:

  • fill-out forms,
  • contests or raffle ballots,
  • questionnaires
  • order form

FullDistributors offers cost-effective data entry of any print document fill-out by hand to add new names to your current list.  Starting fresh with new data entry allows for the correction of any weaknesses in the address that may exist on the fill-out form.




If you want to keep those print fill-out forms, but do not want the burden of the paper trail, FullDistributors will convert them in digital format, saving you hours of work and preserving the documents in an easy to archive and retrieve format.