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Need immediate delivery service? Our online ordering and tracking will help you ship fast. Our local expertise let us get anywhere quickly. We’ll send you confirmations by email.

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Our Shipping Solutions Team will recommend the best way to ship your boxes by truck, train, sea or air and how to receive Great Discounts even when you do not ship high volumes.

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Pack & Ship

Can’t go to the Post Office? For just $5 we will go to your work address with all the packing supplies you need for your next shipment, pack it and then take it to the Post Office for you.

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Shipping Supplies

If you are short on shipping supplies or don’t want to order more boxes than you really need, visit our online supplies market where you can buy the essentials in small orders

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You have better things to do than to print and affix labels by hand and drag your letters to the Post Office, don’t you? Our mailing rates are so good, that you would not think about it twice.

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Saturation Mailing

Missed opportunities! That is what happens when you don’t reach new customers in your area with our postcard saturation program, the most effective local direct marketing available today.

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Database Manager

Duplicate names on your mailing list are a waste of money, but we can mail merge and dupcheck your lists and  sort it to comply with USPS specifications which will result in postal discounts.

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Email Manager

Wrong e-mail addresses will get you nowhere. Check your e-mail addresses in bulk up to 25,000 contacts, to see if they are valid, if they are properly formatted and if they actually connect to a server.

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We offer a full line of fulfillment services. These support services could include taking orders, assembling packets of information, and pulling and packaging products or samples tapes, among other tasks.

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Explore our short and long-term storage solutions. Reduce your in-house inventory space in a cost-effective way. We will ensure that your products are stored, delivered and moved safely with our palletizing service.

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Dealing with printers is not your favorite thing in the world? We get it! Especially when you are on a deadline, right? But you are in luck, because all our mailing clients benefit from our in-house printing service.

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All of this services plus value-added support for our client’s special needs. Tight-timelines?  Reduced budget? Supply chain disruptions? Data mining nightmares? No problem. We’ll help you solve your toughest challenges.

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