Our online booking process makes it possible for you to spend less time filling out forms and ensures the most competitive prices. Once you’ve created your account, it will only take seven steps to easily get a quote, book your shipments and track all your packages.

That’s it! Your order will be processed by our dispatchers, a driver will arrive at the selected time to pick up your package and you will be able to track your shipment from our online tool. When the package arrives to its destiny, you will get a notification via email with a digital signature of the person who received the shipment.


1Enter dimensionsGo to the Ship Item page to begin your booking. Login and complete a couple of basic questions such as shipment weight and dimensions. Then go to the next page.
2Write address informationWrite down where we will pick up your parcel from and where you want it deliver to, making sure each address is written correctly.
3Select a service The next page will show you a list of rates you can choose from to ship your parcel. Choose the one that best matches your needs.
4Schedule a pick-up timeLet us know when do you want us to pick up and fill in any other delivery requirements.
5Review the booking summaryIn the next page, you will have a chance to double check the information you’ve already enter to make sure is accurate. If you find any error, you can change the information.
6Make your paymentAfter you’ve approve your booking information, the system will take you to a secure page to pay for your selected service.
7Print your labelsOnce your order is processed, you will be able to print the shipping label with the barcode and attach it to your package. This documentation will be scan by the driver.






Account info

What do I need to set up an account?

You will fill out

your Name, your Business Name, Address, Phone, e-mail address, and complete the Client Application. Registration minimizes the time you will spend filling out information on future orders.


Where do I login to my account?

In the menu at the top of the website there are two places to login:

  1. Look for the “Account” button on the upper right of the top menu or
  2. Select “Ship an item” in the main menu.

You can also look for the “Login” button in the Home Page in the blue bar under the introduction where it says Actual Customers.


What should I do if I forget my login information?

Select “I forgot my password” below the login area or send us an email to


Package info

Do I need to pack my merchandise myself?

Yes, all merchandise must be boxed and well packaged before the driver arrives to the pick up location. If you are sending documents or small items, it is better to sent them in special envelopes. You could visit our Packaging Tips section for more information. If you don’t have packaging materials at your disposal, you can ask for our Pack & Ship service. If you want to buy packaging materials, but don’t want to carry lots of inventory, go to our Packaging Store.

02 PI Box Measurements


Do I need to know the dimensions and weight of my package?

Yes and they need to be accurate measurements. Sometimes errors can result in additional fees being charged by the courier you selected. Some companies such as FedEx and UPS charge by dimensional weight which takes into account the specific dimensions of the packages.


Is there a maximum weight or size of a package I can send?

Maximum weights and dimensions differ from courier to courier, but you will not have to worry about that because our system only allows you to book items with a courier that follow carrier restrictions. The customer just have to make sure that they give the accurate weight and size of their package, because it will be weighted and measured by the courier and if the information is incorrect, there will be additional charges. If the package is overweight and it does not follow carrier restrictions, the customer will be notifify by the system.


Can a driver refuse to collect my order?

Yes, your order may be rejected by the driver for the following reasons:

  • The merchandise is not boxed properly.
  • There is not sufficient internal cushion on the package that prevents its contents from shifting.
  • The package does not have the barcode label. You must print the barcode label as soon as you finish your order and attach it to your package.
  • The merchandise is a prohibited item.
  • If the weight and dimensions are incorrect and the packages is bigger or weight more than the restrictions allows, the driver may not be able to collect your parcel.


Can my package be returned before delivery?

Yes, it may be returned if it has restricted or prohibited merchandise or if the appropiate documentation has not been filled out. If the authorities finds a prohibited item in any of your boxes, your shipment will be halted and you must pay penalties.


What happens if the package is delivered to the wrong address?

If the sender wrote the address correctly, and the carrier delivered to the wrong address, the carrier is responsible of sending a new driver to pick up the package and deliver it to the correct address.

If the sender wrote the address incorrectly, he could go to the address it was delivered and ask for the package himself, or make a new package pick up order for our driver to pick up at the incorrect address and deliver it to the correct address.


Track a shipment

How do I track a shipment?

Go to any of the “track package” in our website and write your tracking number to get a report on your package status.


Can I cancel or change the address before a shipment is delivered?

If you need to amend or cancel an order, please contact our customer service department by phone or at Our representatives will call you back as soon as they get your message to see if it is still possible to make changes. If you request a cancellation and it is approved at least 24 hours in advance of collection, you will be granted a refund. If is already in transit, we’ll do our best to comply.


Why I did not get a confirmation email, even thou my shipment was delivered?

Make sure you include your email address when you create your account in our online system and then add to your address book. That way our emails will not be moved into a Spam, Junk or Deleted folders you might have in your email account.


Is there a reason my parcel has not arrived?

FullDistributors will make every effort to deliver your shipment, but some unforeseen circumstances could affect the estimated transit time, such as extreme weather conditions, road closures, traffic accidents, among others. Check our tracking page for updates on your shipment. If you still have questions, please contact our customer service  department.



What services do you provide?

Same Day, Next Day, 2nd day and Ground Delivery, Less than Truck Load, Truck Load, Air, Train and Barge transport.


Does someone needs to sign for the shipment?

Yes. A business or work address is perfect for your deliveries. You could add up to three persons to sign for your shipment.


Can I schedule my deliveries in advance?

Of course. You can book your shipments up to five business days in advance.


Can I order over the phone?

All our bookings must be made online.


Rates and payment

Where do I get a rate quote?

First you have to create an account and get a confirmation email. Then you can login on our page, where our online system will automatically give you a quote. If you manage high volumes and you are looking for a discount rate, you can become one of our Business Account customer. Send us an email at and one of our representives will contact you quickly.


What payment methods do you support?

We offer quick, simple and secure online payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry. You don’t have to create an account in order to pay through PayPal. PayPal supports: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Business Accounts have the option to get a Subscription Plan or a Credit Plan depending on their shipment volume.


Delivery times

What are your collection and delivery times?

Our delivery times in Puerto Rico are from 8:00am to 5:00pm to work or business addresses only.

In South Florida, collections and deliveries are made from 9:00am until 8:00pm in residential areas, and from 8:00am until 5:00pm for business addresses. We suggest that you select the largest possible window of time for a collection when placing an order. Collection schedules can from time to time be impacted by traffic delays or other issues such as incomplete pick-up address information.


Is weekend delivery available?

Definitively. FullDistributors can manage deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays, except in Puerto Rico, where deliveries are from Monday thru Friday.


What is your holiday schedule?

FullDistributors acknowledges six major holidays: New Year’s Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day. No service is provided on those days.

There are CUT-OFF days during the Christmas Holidays. Deadlines for mail and packages that need to arrive by Christmas Day are established following the guidelines of the USPS. These are the Cut-off days for these holiday season:


Standard Post…………………………………………………………….Dec. 12

First Class or Priority Mail……………………………………………… Dec. 20

Shipments (more than 100 miles from collection point)…………….Dec. 15

Local Deliveries (100 miles radius)…………………………………..Dec. 22










There are some safety restrictions for mail, delivery and shipment of goods.

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of what can and can’t be mailed, delivered by courier or transport in trucks, trains, sea carrier or airplanes.

Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to the rejection of your shipment and in some cases could result in the prosecution by the authorities of the person responsible (the sender).




Your shipment cannot contain:

03PI D Flamable

Your shipment cannot contain:

Perfumes and Aftershaves

Gels and shaving gels

Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover

Household cleaning products

Other flammable liquids


Oil based products

03PI D Aerosols

Your shipment cannot contain:

Any compressed gas cylinders


Air Fresheners

Body Sprays

Cigarette lighters

Gas cylinders like the ones use for gas stoves or camping stoves

Fire extinguishers


Your shipment cannot contain:

03PI D Acid 03PI D Bleach 03PI D Compress Gas 03PI D Explosives 03PI D Poison 03PI D Lighter


For example:


Fuses, Weapons or replicas

Fireworks and Christmas crackers snaps

Toxic and Infectious substances

For example:





Radioactive Materials

Oxidizing Substances and Peroxides

For example:


Corrosive substances

For example:

All battery types

Corrosive cleaning fluids

Acids and Alkali’s


Miscellaneous Dangerous items

For example:



Magnetized materials

Dry Ice

Self inflating life jackets




Animal Products

For example:

Live Animals

Animal skins



Perishable and Biological Products

For example:


Plants and Seeds

Medicines (Prescription and over the counter), Pills and Vitamins

Hazardous waste including, but not limited to, used hypodermic needles or syringes, or other medical waste


For example:

All kind of liquids

Body Fluids

Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted to the US and is restricted in many countries

Packages that are wet or leaking


For example:



Any Tobacco Product

Money Items of exceptional value

Extraordinary value is defined as items valued in excess of $50 per pound per package



For example


Negotiable items

Pre-paid cards

Jewelry and Watches

Works of Art


Precious metals and stones

Collectible coins and stamps

Postage stamps

Lottery tickets

Gambling devices

Film, photographic images


Birth Certificates

Driving Licenses

Non compensation items

This items will only be ship as non compensation items. They are not covered by standard liability and sender must sign a waiver


For example:

All electronic gadgets:



DVD players

Gaming consoles



Computers and monitors

Brittle and fragile items:

Including but not limited to




Anything that is particularly frail, easily broken or destroyed.




  • Pornographic and/or obscene material which is prohibited by law
  • Letters, with or without stamps, unless Consignor/Consignee is U.S.P.S.
  • Tires that can be defined as used, defective, scrap, salvage, waste, or are otherwise other than new.
  • Freight requiring refrigeration or protection from heat, excluding shipments protected by the Consignor.
  • Carbon Black or fine powder particles demonstrating similar characteristics to Carbon Black.
  • Any commodity that by its inherent nature is particularly susceptible to damage or the market value of which is particularly variable or difficult to ascertain.
  • Museum exhibits and antiques or any commodity that exhibits the style or fashion of a past era and whose history, age or rarity contributes to its value. These items include, but are not limited to, furniture, tableware, glassware.




If you are unsure of a full postal address, it is far better to ask the recipient, or someone else who knows the address, than risk the delays that could result if you enter incorrect information.


Sending to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rican addresses often include an urbanization code and often have Spanish address information. Some common formats include:



Four-line Address
MRS MARIA SUAREZURB LAS GLADIOLAS150 CALLE ASAN JUAN PR 00926-3232 NameUrbanizationStreet Number & NameCity, State & ZIP+4
Address without a Street Name
MR PEDRO RIOS1234 URB LOS OLMOSPONCE PR 00731-1235 NameStreet Number & UrbanizationCity, State & ZIP+4
Apartments or Office Buildings
MR EMILIO ARROYOCOND ASHFORD PALACE1234 AVE ASHFORD APT 1ASAN JUAN PR 00907-1234 NameBuilding NameStreet Number,Name & AptCity, State & ZIP+4


Complete Address Elements

A complete delivery address includes:

  1. Addressee name or other identifier and/or firm name where applicable.
  2. Urbanization name (Puerto Rico only, ZIP Code prefixes 006 to 009, if area is so designated).
  3. Street number and name (including predirectional, suffix, and postdirectional as shown in USPS ZIP+4 Product for the delivery address or rural route.
  4. Secondary address unit designator and number (such as an apartment or suite number (APT 202, STE 100)).
  5. City and state (or authorized two-letter state abbreviation). Use only city names and city and state name abbreviations as shown in USPS City State Product.
  6. Correct 5-digit ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code. If a firm name is assigned a unique ZIP+4 code in the USPS ZIP+4 Product, the unique ZIP+4 code must be used in the delivery address.

USPS Zipcode Verification Tool!input.action





Proper packaging helps ensure that your shipping arrives safely. Here are some general guidelines.


Outer Packaging

There are multiple choices to pack your products, but the most commonly used are:

Corrugated (Cardboard Boxes)

Corrugated and bubble mailers

Padded and Tyvek envelopes

StayFlat Mailers

Mailing Tubes

05 Photo Tyvek envelope05 Photo Mailing Tube05 Photo Padded envelope


Which one is better? It dependes. Ninety-five percent (95%) of delivered merchandise goes out in corrugated cardboard boxes, since they are versatile and economical. But there are cases when packing in a box does not make sense.



A printed poster will go best in a mailing tube

A small item will go best in bubble mailer

05 Photo White Box Rates



When choosing a box, make sure it is sturdy, undamaged and with all it flaps intact. Verify that the box size leaves enough room for adding cushioning material around the merchandise. Use double-wall boxes for heavier items.


05 Photo Bubble-Wrap



Place cushioning material around each item and place on center between cartons – items should not touch the outside box or each other. Close and gently shake the box to see whether there is enough padding. Add more newspaper, loosefill peanuts, packing foam, or plastic cushioning material if you hear things moving around.


05 Photo Tape



Tape your box shut and reinforce the seams (using the H taping method), with 2″ wide tape. Use clear or brown packaging tape, reinforced packing tape, pressure-sensitve plastic tape or water-activated paper or reinforced tape. Do not use cord, string, or twine because it gets caught in mail processing equipment. Make sure that you use a 2” wide tape – a smaller width is not acceptable. Also, do not use duct tape, masking tape or cellophane tape.


Address Labels

If you are reusing a box, take out, cover up or black out any old labels or address markings to avoid any addressing confusions. Include delivery information inside and outside the package.

Place label on the package surface that is on top when the package’s position follows the “This end up” indication. If your package needs more than one label, applied them all facing the same direction for easy reading and handling of your package.


Correct Address

It is critical that you use a complete and correct address for efficient delivery. See the Addressing Tips section for more information.

Do not use a PO box address or residential addresses in Puerto Rico, since FullDistributors only delivers to business locations.